The brainchild of Nitty - Ghetto Goverment. But like any child that grows, and learns and changes, so the GG has with every new member. It's become bigger and better than even it's chief architect could have imagined. Starting with Music the goal is to take back control of the Ghetto from the hidden hands that control the puppets . Ghetto Gov't is an organization formed to uplift the Ghettos and unite the Globe, feed the hungry, and House the homeless. Through music we hope to grab the attention of the world, because our music is universal. Ghetto Gov't is not a cult, religion, nor a gang. Ghetto Gov't is about global peace, not war, but Ghetto Gov't will violate violators. Ghetto Gov't came together in the streets of New York City. Ghetto Gov't has members from other states, but New York was the meeting place for Arists down with Ghetto Gov't ; as they were on a mission for music. Ghetto Gov't has numerous Artists, but hundreds of members. Hundreds will be thousands, thousands will be millions etc. Our long term goal is to own natural resources. Ghetto Gov't wants land, to be able to build low income Communities.