New Releases


ICE has been recording and delivering music steadily via soundcloud. She has released a single and video for the song -  "Fortune & Fame" a lyrically infused duet with fellow Detroit artist - BAMBIZZLE.  The next single will be the provocative " Superhuman." Accompanied by the skillful and soulful Detroit songstress Selena Jordan. Superhuman captivates and inspires. ICE's lyrically flow is at it's peak with a vivid depiction of what makes her a phenomenal woman and a serious recording artist. 

Following that will be a raid of tracks ranging from underground to mainstream. Collaborations with Detroit's finest Emcees as well as Hip Hop legends. 

ICE's personal stamp is on all of the music she records. She is currently finishing up her Bachelor's degree in media and audio production . There is no cap on her talent and she is looking forward to taking her show on the road. She is also looking forward to reuniting with BO$$ on stage and giving fans some of that classic flavor from the 90's. 

This is indeed a very big deal and Hip Hop will celebrate the Re Birth! 

ICE@DEYADA is the name that the new world of music will quickly become familiar with